About Zayzelle. Dress Simply.

Meet the Founder:  Norma Schafer, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator, created Zayzelle to meet the requests of clients and friends. 

Usually at the sewing machine, Norma designed The Zayzelle Dress Simply pattern several years ago for personal use. She used different weights of linen, cotton, and blends of both, to transition from season to season. In fall and winter, she layers the dress with a shawl, scarf, poncho, vest or coat. In spring and summer, she tops the dress with a light scarf or shawl. She sews the same dress in different prints or textures. Out and about and in her travels through the USA, Mexico and beyond, people stop her and ask, Where did you get that dress? I made it, she answers. I want one, too, they say.  

In 2018, she created a small, home-based studio in the Mexican village where she lives part of the year. Here she works with talented local women to create a quality-sewn piece. We are in early-stage start-up and able to produce a limited number of Zayzelle Dress each per week.  

Zayzelle is part of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC. We are committed to giving our customers high quality, fair prices. We compensate more than is expected, more than a just and living wage.